Wisdom Shared with Carole Blueweiss

Through her podcast “Wisdom Shared” Carole Blueweiss invites us to

Meet the experts on the frontlines: the parents of children with special or unique needs.

What do they wish they knew then that they know now?

These parents share their insights and experiences with traditional and non-traditional professionals, their advice, and their wisdom. The lessons learned are valuable for all parents, health care workers, and educators.

Carole Blueweiss Is A Doctor Of Physical Therapy, Geriatric Clinical Specialist, And Yoga Teacher. She Treats Adults And Children, And Has Received Degrees From Tufts, Boston University And Northeastern University.  She Is A Practitioner Of The Feldenkrais Method┬« And The Anat Baniel Method┬« NeuroMovement┬«.

Carole Hosts A Podcast Titled Wisdom Shared And Is A Posture Coach And Documentary Photographer On A Mission To Help People Stay Tall.


Wisdom Shared Podcast https://www.caroleblueweiss.com/podcast/


Website: https://www.caroleblueweiss.com/home/