This Podcast Isn’t About Dating by Heidi Frei of Single Soul Circle

From her episode notes –

“This podcast isn’t about dating. Whenever I tell people I have a podcast for single women, they immediately think it’s about dating. I mean … what else would single women have going on in their lives, according to others.

I wanted this podcast to be different. I set out to interview amazing women who are living their lives without waiting for a partner to complete them. We’ve heard from women who travel solo, start their own businesses, commit to their mind, body and spirit and share their passions with others.

We’ve also talked about challenges and issues we’ve faced, like dealing with emotions from past or current relationships and how we can balance the masculine and feminine sides or ourselves. And recently, I’ve expanded to add an Aunt-ecdotes series, where we talk about the joys of being an aunt and share ideas on how to become the favorite aunt.

The episode today is not about dating … or is it?

This podcast episode really wasn’t about dating. It was about the human emotions we experience when we take risks and how we can share these emotions to seek the support we need – whether it is through our joy or pain.”