The Purple Bike Podcast by Karen Morgan – The Purple Bike Podcast: 1979 – Breaking Away & Buck Rogers

Karen Morgan brings you The Purple Bike Podcast. Karen got her first purple bike in 1975. She got her next purple bike in 2015. This podcast is all about the 40 years of life between those two purple bikes. Pedal back to a simpler time when nobody wore a bike helmet but everyone had fun. Karen discusses pop culture nostalgia, embarrassing clothes and hairstyles, and memories of growing up in the 70s and 80s. Don’t miss The Purple Bike Podcast. Because life is awesome when you’re riding a purple bike!

In this episode: 1979 was a year for the Sony Walkman, Rapper’s Delight, and Sci-Fi TV shows. Oh, and a baby doll that ate food and pooped her pants. 


Contributors: Karen Morgan