The Business Greenhouse by Emmie Faust three tips

I’m Emmie Faust and I am the host of a podcast called The Business Greenhouse With Emmie Faust. It is a podcast for entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs for small to medium size businesses and I share strategies, tactics and tips to help you grow a thriving business.

My first tip is around measurement (episode 11). So many potential clients that I go meet, they’re not actually measuring their marketing or measuring what’s going on in their business and they don’t actually know some of the key vital information. So it’s really tricky to know what to focus on when you don’t actually know what’s working and what’s not working.

I set up a reporting document for all my clients so that they can measure what they’re doing every month and report back on that and then that can be discussed at a monthly review meeting with the rest of the team and the key stakeholders in the business.

The second tip is to make sure that you know your finance and your numbers (episode 22). Make sure you’ve got a proper accountant, make sure your bookkeeper is really on top of things and make sure that as a business owner you actually understand your financial documentation and your management accounts and things like that. 

My third tip, which is a really, really important one is to make sure you know your customer journey (episode 15). Make sure that you’ve mapped out the journey that your customers go on. The whole process from start to finish and make sure that every stage of that journey you are injecting your brand, that you’re delivering a fantastic customer experience. And really think about the customer. The customer is key.

Do have a listen. Search for The Business Greenhouse With Emmie Faust and there are links in the show notes you can find all of those at my website which is