Pod Buffet Series 2 Digest – episodes 40-42

Here are this week’s tasty morsels – enjoy

In this episode of the Pod Buffet, we bring you episodes 40, 41 and 42, served up as a digest – perfect for that late breakfast or early brunch! (17 min 4 sec listen)

(Start playing then use the links below to jump to the bit you want to listen to (or just listen to the whole thing!)

  • [00:40] Portfolio Career Podcast by David Nebinski – 2+ Year Podcasting Journey
  • [05:17] Crafting Solutions to Conflict by Jane Beddall – What Harmony isn’t
  • [11:05] WorkLife@Home by Josh Freemman – 5 Minute Taste – Leah Ryder – Trello Content Marketer

Episodes Monday Wednesday and Friday with a Digest on Saturday