Leekei Tang – Saving Fair Isle Knitting Tradition by Mati Ventrillon

When Mati first visited Fair Isle, she fell in love with the island and decided to move there with her family.

She also fell in love with the Fair Isle knitting tradition, not only the craft but also the role it has played in Fair Isle history.

So 2011, in order to save the knitwear tradition in Fair Isle, she launched her brand, Mati Ventrillon.

In this part of our conversation, we will continue on our exploration of the incredible journey of an international fashion business owner in the tiny and remote island of Fair Isle.

Mati will share with us some of the lessons learned when she launched the MV collection. A collection inspired by museum pieces that Mati has modernized and made more affordable. If you are a knitwear designer, this part is a must-listen as Mati will walk us through the details of the making of this collection.

We will also discuss the mainstream fashion system, and why Mati has chosen to develop her business on the fringe.

But my favorite part is when Mati shares with much generosity and benevolence, some insightful pieces of advice for starting and growing a meaningful business.

So if you want to find out more about developing a knitwear collection inspired by history and tradition, growing a meaningful fashion business that works for you and designing a life and a business on your own terms, this episode is definitely for you. 


Contributors: Mati Ventrillon, Leekei Tang