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Four brief episode clips from Health Hats, the Podcast. The first from a May 31,

2020, episode with Nancy Michaels, entitled PTSD. I Gotta Get Out of This Place.

2020, episode with Nancy Michaels, entitled PTSD. I Gotta Get Out of This Place. One thing I would say, too, most of us have friends or someone you know, or a church group that we belong to, or some kind of community that we were involved in before becoming ill. It’s easy for us to say, ‘no, no, no that’s okay. No, you don’t have to drop dinner off. I appreciate it, but no, that’s okay. Oh no, I don’t want you to do laundry for me.’ But now people have to start saying, ‘yes, that would be so great.’ It would make that person who was offering it feel great about doing it. There is no better thing than to help somebody out. They get a lot out of it. But I think we all have a tendency to say, ‘no, that’s okay, I can do it, or I’ll figure it out. Anybody who’s listening to this podcast who can help somebody, they could step up and help, bring the dinner even if they don’t want it.

The second, dated May 10, 2020, with Aparna Raghuram, entitled, My Optometrist Saved My Life.

We are home now doing a lot of screen time. Zoom meetings are becoming so popular now. We work on this short distance. We don’t blink enough. Our eyes can get dry. We used to have a lot of dry eye consequences coming from screen time, up-close computer work, phone, you keep it so close, and your vision gets blurrier, faster. Now with all of us being home, seeing so much more TV, so much more up- close work. We are continually focusing at a certain distance, which is probably not good. It’s good to be in a room like I am, with windows to look outside, look at something green that helps you to relax your eyes. After about 30 minutes of doing continuous work, let’s look out, relax, take a break. Your eyes are focusing and tired. You also get dry eyes because you’re constantly looking at a screen and a monitor, and you don’t blink as much.

The third, dated June 21, 2020, with Emily Zaccardi and Adriana Mallozzi, entitled Imagine: Leveraging Abilities. Access Better Solutions.

We never fit in a checkbox. Yes, we’re social impact. There are so many things related to social impact, and nothing described anything related to disability. Also, I’m a female founder with a disability. I could never check that off. So, we know people who have great ideas, and especially now with technology, people with disabilities have a more significant opportunity to forge their own paths through entrepreneurship, but there is nothing out there to support us. We need to create this.

The fourth and last, dated May 24, 2020, with Jodi Churchill Chapin entitled OB Nurse, Cannabis Nurse.

When going into a patient’s room, usually I go up close, I touch them on their leg or their arm. ‘Hi, how are you? I’m Jodi’ and shake their partner’s hand. After getting to know them for a shift I’m giving hugs or at the end of a delivery. Now, none of that is happening. I feel so lost. It hurts the most when I’m used to going in to give a hug; then I have to step back. Something that felt so good, when you can’t fix anything, when someone is sad, and you don’t have the right answers, a touch, a hug, a kiss. That’s not happening. I just feel so starved. Many times, I break down and just start crying. It’s hard.

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