Danny van Leeuwen – Healthhats the Podcast, A Sampler

Welcome to Health Hats, the Podcast, learning on the journey towards best health. We will learn what it takes to adjust to life’s realities in the awesome circus of health care. Follow Health Hats, the Podcast on your favorite player. I am Danny van Leeuwen, a patient-caregiver activist, a patient with Multiple Sclerosis, care partner to my grandmother, mother, and son’s end-of-life journeys, a registered nurse, a person with health technology experience, and a leader in healthcare administration. I wear many hats. My guests and I muse about making health choices and decisions, communicating health information, sharing what works, and supporting each other. This episode is a sampler of interviews with Barby Ingle about managing pain; Jan Oldenburg about an integrated care plan; Janice Tufte about patient partnerships in research; Jane Beddall about managing conflict; and Amy Faeskorn about health and improvisation. 

I podcast to make a ruckus. Making a ruckus means sharing stories of learning on the journey towards best health. I’m trying to move the needle of health care a couple of degrees towards more self-confidence, more participation, more collaboration, more dignity and more inclusion. Wait a minute. I should tell you the truth. I’m a selfish person at heart. I’m a storytelling, patient, caregiver activist, living at peak capacity. I couldn’t say that before my diagnosis. I podcast mostly for myself. My show notes are comprehensive with a full transcript and many resources.  Find the recent podcasts here https://www.health-hats.com/pod and show notes for this sampler here

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