10x Vision by Mina Fung – a new remix

Can change thinking guide you to a new path? 10X Vision Podcast is about how people seek change from their corporate careers, leap forward into their entrepreneur journeys and how their visions guide their paths forward. Join host, Mina Fung, as she interviews former corporate leaders turned entrepreneurs and other inspiring guests who take charge to create their own new paths. Through the inspiring stories of her guests, Mina will show you how you can 10X your VISION to create the life and business with purpose and passion. Join the conversation and explore the future of work-life-business.

You can find Mina and the podcast at: https://www.pullimpact.com/podcast,

on Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/10x-vision/id1466696246 or wherever you subscribe to your podcasts.