Talaterra by Tania Marien – overview

How do people learn about nature outside of the classroom? I assert many learn from freelance environmental educators working in our communities. Talaterra is about these educators. Who are they? What do they do? Let’s find out. https://talaterra.com/

Tilt the Future with Karena de Souza – Climate Challenge

Tilt the Future: discussing the Future of Work for adults from 16-60. Like it? Please subscribe to the podcast! Topics: Future of Work, EQ skills, mindset, managing transitions & change, well-being. Impact and opportunity that Climate Action has on FoW. Regular episodes: short content interspersed with longer interviews with young & older adults sharing their … Read more

Take it from the Iron Woman by Susanne Mueller – introduction

The weekly podcast invites cool guests from around the world who have an interesting story to tell. What is your story? Everybody is a CEO, everybody is in charge of their own life. You make it interesting. Welcome the world from business or sports. www.susannemueller.biz

10x Vision by Mina Fung – a new remix

Can change thinking guide you to a new path? 10X Vision Podcast is about how people seek change from their corporate careers, leap forward into their entrepreneur journeys and how their visions guide their paths forward. Join host, Mina Fung, as she interviews former corporate leaders turned entrepreneurs and other inspiring guests who take charge … Read more

Today’s Special – interview with Seth Godin and Alex DiPalma

In this episode we share a treat with you – an interview with Seth Godin and Alex DiPalma of The Podcasting Fellowship. All of our contributors are alumni of an Akimbo Workshop, with most learning about podcasting through The Podcasting Fellowship. Here Steve Heatherington discusses with Seth and Alex, some of the ideas and motivations … Read more

Reinier’s 60 Sec with Reinier van Eijk – 2nd special

Subscribe for 60 of daily perspective! A daily prompt on marketing, entrepreneurship and life. And the occasional joke. That’s Reinier’s 60! A podcast that’s daily and literally only 60 seconds. You can be sure I’m here every day, and I hope to see you too. To subscribe go to the links to Apple Podcasts or … Read more

Mindful Business Founder by Leekei Tang

If you are looking to improve the balance between purpose and profit in your fashion business, this podcast is for you! Mindful Business Founder is the podcast for Fashion Business Founders seeking to build a meaningful and profitable business. We will explore what Mindful Founders do differently to build resilient businesses that deliver value to … Read more

Alpaca Tribe by Steve Heatherington – introduction

The podcast for alpaca people. Topics: starting with alpacas; enjoying the ones you have got; using the fleece, not just storing it; developing business activities relating to alpacas; and growing in your experience, wherever you are starting. Guests: people like you; owners; breeders; vets; producers; and professionals. This is your place for wisdom, guidance and … Read more

Creative on Purpose by Scott Perry – CoPL Promo

Conversations about discovering the work you’re meant to do now and making a difference. It’s time to be Creative on Purpose! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/creative-on-purpose/id1250842005