Playful Chinese with Amanda Blodgett – everyday chinese: I love you

Learning everyday Chinese expressions with Playful Chinese. Here is an expression you can use every day: I love you! Learn about the common way to call a baby in Mandarin and see how you can use this important expression with your loved ones in Mandarin.  

Next Level Parenting – Meta Skills for Parents: Self Care

Meta Skills for Parents: Self Care. Taking care of yourself is a meta-skill. What’s a meta-skill? It’s a skill that makes everything else easier. In this episode, Catherine Lynch of Next Level Parenting presents easy ways to include meditation and journaling in your life. When you take good care of yourself, it’s easier to take … Read more

Single Soul Circle by Heidi Frei – Valentine’s Day Special

In the Single Soul Circle, we celebrate the single life and provide inspiration to face some of the challenges. We’ll hear from singles who have had solo travel adventures, started their own businesses and taken other leaps on their own. And, we’ll hear from experts who can help us navigate the unique aspects of being … Read more by Curtis Cates –

Free your inner art critic and learn how to become the art expert you already are. kristo is looking to get you high on art. transcripts and sound credits on the website at

Talaterra with Tania Marien – John Muir Laws

The Talaterra podcast features conversations with freelance environmental educators and researchers. Today we learn what prompted illustrator John Muir Laws to create his in-depth field guide to the Sierra Nevada.

Reinier’s 60 Sec by Reinier van Eijk Pod buffet special

Subscribe for 60 of daily perspective! A daily prompt on marketing, entrepreneurship and life. And the occasional joke. That’s Reinier’s 60! A podcast that’s daily and literally only 60 seconds. You can be sure I’m here every day, and I hope to see you too. To subscribe go to the links to Apple Podcasts or … Read more

Alpaca Tribe – Californian Catchup

The podcast for alpaca people. Topics: starting with alpacas; enjoying the ones you have got; using the fleece, not just storing it; developing business activities relating to alpacas; and growing in your experience, wherever you are starting. Guests: people like you; owners; breeders; vets; producers; and professionals. This is your place for wisdom, guidance and … Read more