Mark Tweddle of Connection Requested

Mark Tweddle wants to get to know people who ask to connect on LinkedIn so he invites them to be a guest on his podcast and to tell some short (true) stories. Listen in to learn more. PODCAST LINK Connection Requested: OTHER LINKS LinkedIn: Website for podcast: Website – You Tell … Read more

Bethan Burton of Journaling with Nature

Interview with Bethan Burton, host and creator of Journaling with Nature, a podcast that interviews nature journalers from around the world and shares their passion for observing and capturing the beauty and detail of the natural world around them. PODCAST LINK Journaling With Nature OTHER LINKS Website: Instagram: YouTube: International Nature … Read more

Digest with Pod O’Sullivan and Brian Miller

Smorgasbord or Brunch – it’s your Saturday so you choose! Digest of the week with episodes 28 and 29. Episode 28 – interview with Pod O’Sullivan of The Leadership Diet Podcast Episode 29 – Brian Miller of Beyond Networking

Pod O’Sullivan of the Leadership Diet Podcast

Pod O’Sullivan has a passion for developing leaders, working with both teams and individuals. This spills over into his podcast with the wide range of guests and subjects covered. Listen in to our conversation about his podcast – The Leadership Diet. Pod’s reputation as a leading leadership advisor and Top Teaming expert has been established … Read more

Digest with Bruce Devereux and Cat Preston

Smorgasbord or Brunch – it’s your Saturday so you choose! Digest of the week with episodes 25 and 26. Episode 25 – Episode 26 – Pod Buffet Website:

Interview with Cat Preston of Collective Wisdom

Listen to my interview with Cat Preston where we talk titles, questions and choosing guests, among other things. The Collective Wisdom Podcast with Cat Preston, certified Life coach. The podcast that explores how to be a wiser version of yourself.  This is a podcast that helps you to tap into your own inner wisdom and … Read more

Interview with Bruce Devereux of The Creatively Engaging Podcast

The changemakers and storytellers reshaping how we view aging in our communities. An interview with Bruce Devereux who has worked in aging care for the aging for 30 years and seeks to focus on creative potential rather than loss. 9 mins PODCAST LINK: OTHER LINKS: Recording on a wire – Dr Aaron Blight … Read more

Digest episode Sep 25 with Heidi Frei of Single Soul Circle and Tania Marien of Talaterra

Smorgasbord or Brunch – it’s your Saturday so you choose! Digest of the week with episodes 22 and 23 Heidi Frei of Single Soul Circle shares her episode where she explains no, her podcast is not just about dating! Tania Marien of Talaterra – in a discussion about the importance of environmental educators and how … Read more

Interview with Tania Marien of Talaterra

Listen to my discussion with my good friend Tania Marien of the Talaterra podcast. Talaterra helps independent environmental education professionals expand their careers. It creates space for professionals to learn from each other and is committed to establishing seamless connections between independent professionals and prospective community partners. Through its initiatives, Talaterra contributes to environmental education … Read more